Welcome to Arclight. Leave your money and your scantily-clad nubiles. Now
go home.

We're not the people at we've got
no clue what they're doing. There used to be a satellite communications 
company using that domain, but now... who knows?

But hey! If you really, really want this domain, I'll sell it for $100,000 
and a bottle of Macallan single-malt scotch that's as old as I've had this 
domain (for the Internet-impaired, that's 21 years). And, like scotch, it 
just gets more expensive as time goes on. Next year I'll probably be asking
100k and two bottles of scotch.

...yeah, didn't think so.

Here's a little story. Once upon a time, a company approached us wanting to
buy the domain for a pittance. We said No. They said "Hey, there could be
trademark issues that can force domain name changes." We said "We've been
using Arclight in trade connected to publishing and entertainment since 1997,
so yes. There CAN be trademark issues. What did you say your main domain name
and company name were? Arc-somethinginfringing?"

Funny how we never heard from them again. Coexist, people.

And yes, we've recently moved. 

Old IP address is
New IP address is

If this has affected you, send mail to:

[the initials of the guy who owns arclight]

Have a day!